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It's a myth that you need to increase only the volume of semen or count of sperm in order to make conception possible. The fact is what matters most is whether you have sperm with the ability to fertilize.

You need healthy sperm with fertilizing ability to make your partner pregnant.

Cap-Score Semen Analysis test let's you know if you have sperm with ability to fertilize.

About Cap-Score

The Cap-Score™ test allows couples and their physicians to evaluate the sperm's ability to capacitate – a critical measure of male fertility. Capacitation is the process sperm must undergo to become able to fertilize an egg. When it comes to conception, your Cap-Score™ counts along with a standard semen analysis.

Along with the important results of your fertility, the Cap-Score test will also provide general information about your sample normally found with a semen analysis including the number of sperm or count, motility and volume.

The Cap-Score Test is capable of determining whether sperm can fertilize an egg. Knowing and understanding their Cap-Score helps couples make informed decisions with their physicians about the fertility solution that is best suited for them.

Cap-Score: A more complete picture

The Cap-Score Test is the missing component to a truly comprehensive semen analysis. Previously, physicians were only able to test sperm concentration, motility and morphology to determine a man's fertility. The Cap-Score Test measures sperm function and is the first test of its kind. It is designed to complement clinical evaluations of the male and female partners, including traditional semen analysis. By offering information specific to sperm function and fertilization potential, Cap-Score provides physicians and couples the information necessary to make more informed decisions about the best options for conceiving.

The Cap-Score Test can also assist in determining the success of vasectomy reversals and varicocele procedures that are conducted to restore fertility, as well as provide a mechanism for evaluating the effectiveness of supplements and other techniques used to boost fertility.

Cap-Score: Clarifying A Couple's Choices

Studies highlight that couples in which the man has a normal Cap-Score may be recommended to continue or may be candidates for less invasive methods, such as an intrauterine insemination (IUI). Conversely, couples in which the man has an abnormal Cap-Score may be recommended, from the start, to pursue approaches such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF) or intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), saving time, cost and reducing stress.

"When the physician knows a couple's Cap-Score, the physician now has more information and a clearer understanding of what assisted reproductive techniques might best help that couple conceive".

Because many factors can impact sperm function, physicians may consider retesting in three months and/or in conjunction with a repeat semen analysis.

"In short Cap-Score test shortens your journey to parenthood."

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